About Jennifer Koster

For the past decade or so, Jenn has been busy acquiring valuable professional experience and sharpening essential skills in a range of communications disciplines. In a previous life (before discovering the endless wonders of the World Wide Web), she was a public relations pro, managing several agency accounts in the healthcare, education, non-profit and retail verticals. Jenn’s love for persuasive writing led her to pursue a fresh career—one that has evolved from direct mail, ad copy and TV commercials to writing for the web.

Posts by Jennifer Koster:

U.S. News says we’re #1. Why doesn’t Google?

Getting to the top of the search engine ranks isn’t easy—but there’s some simple stuff we can do to help our chances. For two decades Hopkins has been a “Best Hospitals” chart-topper. We were out-ranking the competition when the future founders of Google were still roaming their high school halls. We’re used to being on(...)

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