Monitoring the Performance of Research Lab Profiles

What You Need to Know

  • Research lab profiles directly contributed to increases in web traffic, with search engines like Google referring 85 percent of overall traffic.
  • Since launching nine months ago, lab profiles have clocked in 9,000 sessions (or visits that may include multiple page views), and we’re expecting that number to grow.
  • Top related searches on have included a combination of research-oriented terms and names of specific faculty members or research divisions.

Nine months ago, we introduced our research lab profiles into the web world. Almost immediately, we saw a direct impact on search engine performance, and it’s grown considerably ever since.

How Do People Find Lab Profiles?

Search engines like Google are the greatest driver of visits to laboratory profiles, accounting for a staggering 85 percent of overall traffic. This demonstrates the search engine power of As the third most visited hospital or academic medical center website, is able to achieve strong search engine performance when we approach content with strategic objectives and structure, as we have with these profiles.

Another 10 percent of visits result from people who find their way from other portions of We expect this to increase over time. As content continues to improve and keywords expand, we have also developed searchable viewlets that will dynamically present these profiles in the other areas of


The final 5 percent of traffic is referred to the profiles from other websites, including, and


Continued Growth

The site began receiving traffic in November 2015, and traffic continues to grow. According to Google Analytics, nearly 9,000 sessions have occurred in the first nine months since launch.


The content strategy behind lab profiles is designed to seamlessly guide visitors to Our insights into user behavior had shown us that visitors tend to use our on-site search tool, rather than relying on page navigation, to find the content they want.

A majority of on-site searches on that result in a visit to a lab profile start with a combination of search terms including research-related terms and names of faculty members or research divisions of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine:

Search Term Total Unique Searches
Geraldine Seydoux 91
Hapatitis c and Hemodialysis Researches 91
Hemodialysis Researches 91
Hemodialysis Researchs 91
Hepatitis c and Hemodialysis Researches 91
James Potter 91
Kay Redfield Jamison 91
lilliana flores 91
Mehboob Hussain 91
Metabolism Division 91
mind brain institute 91
Nephrology Researchs 91
Peter Pronovost 91
Researchs 91
Robert Brodsky 91
sharon dudley-brown 91
Svetlana Lutsenko 91
Note: The Google Analytics data in this report is based on a sampled percentage of total sessions.


There were a total of 11,602 page views to these pages prior to August 2016, when we reviewed the data for this post. Here are the top 10:

/research/labs/paulworleylab 377
/research/labs/alfredokirkwoodlaboratory 235
/research/labs/shanthinisockanathanlaboratory 235
/research/labs/davidhusolaboratory 226
/research/labs/sethblackshawlab 223
/research/labs/duojiapanlab 214
/research/labs/sethmargolislaboratory 214
/research/labs/gabsangleelab 208
/research/labs/markdonowitzlab 179
/research/labs/ryuyafukunagalab 148