Connecting with Internet Strategy

The simplest way I've found to describe what the Internet Strategy team does is that we connect the people of the world with the people of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Today we're doing this better than ever before. After several years of tremendous growth in visitors, is now the fourth most visited hospital/academic medical center website in the world.

That's a huge accomplishment that owes much to the growing commitment of our faculty and staff to working on a common platform. Through sharing a similar design and technologies, we've partnered to create strategic content that extends beyond a singular webpage and into the most visited areas of and even to external Web properties like Sharecare or the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Tumblr.

We're gaining in search engine rankings, and our content is increasingly shareable in social media by the people we're most trying to reach.

Success Breeds Success
I am extremely proud of and how it has evolved to serve the organization so widely. However, my proudest accomplishment is the team that I've built over the last four years and how their hard work is positioning us for the next phase in our evolution.

The success of is enabling greater opportunities for people all over Hopkins Medicine to work toward common goals.

Today, we have a better understanding of our faculty's desire to present their research, education and patient care. We are aligned with a strategic plan that further unites all of us. And I've realized the importance of balancing centralized and decentralized resources so that the Internet strategy is appropriate and effective for a culture as unique as the one here at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

That's where the blog comes in. It is incredibly difficult to communicate effectively and consistently about such a wide variety of initiatives with such a diverse audience of stakeholders. That's especially true when we're trying to work at full speed on a huge number of diverse initiatives.

I'm sure that many of you are equally overwhelmed by the flurry of meetings, e-mails, projects and other obligations that make up your every day. I want to provide you with easy ways to engage with us and take advantage of our resources, and I see this blog and our website as the best vehicles.

A Model for Innovation
Individual innovation, creativity and problem solving are perhaps the greatest strengths of our model of academic medicine. However, it's an approach that works best when solving new problems.

We're at a critical point in our evolution where we can't just work in isolation.

An organization's Web presence is a reflection of the organization. While we can support a diversity of Web offerings, we need to be thoughtful in how we do that and seek to best serve our audiences and ourselves.

For Web experts working across the organization, I want to facilitate use of our technologies so that your efforts can go to solving problems that are truly unique to your area or that we are not yet resourced to address. Over the years, I've seen how this approach enables each of us to learn and to better integrate seemingly isolated solutions into larger strategic efforts.

I hope this blog will help us to engage in a dialogue that brings clarity to how you can take advantage of the strengths of and the best opportunities to collaborate with the Internet Strategy team. I hope to provide clarity regarding how we're resourced to solve particular problems, and how we're making the tools accessible as widely as possible to our internal contributors.