Hopkinsmedicine.org Home Page Redesigned

If you’ve visited the Johns Hopkins Medicine Website recently, you probably noticed a newly redesigned home page with new tools for searching and accessing the health system and the School of Medicine. Additionally, the page features expanded storytelling, videos and information, and social media activity.

What’s New on the Home Page

We wanted to bring a contemporary look to the home page, enhance usability, represent the social communities and prepare for mobile growth, while remaining true to the design aesthetic of the web site as a whole.

The home page prominently features several expanded tools:

  • “Find a Doctor”, a searchable directory of clinical faculty
  • the Health Library search tool, which provides information on conditions and treatments
  • and a Request an Appointment feature that helps connect in-state, out-of-state and international patients with JHM services.

The changes are the culmination of several years of work led by the Internet Strategy Team to categorize and structure centralized clinical care faculty profiles and general health information, so that they can be linked via a deep taxonomy of scientific and general health terms and effectively categorized for search.

Home Page Prior to Redesign

Just one year after it’s launch, the Health Library is the most visited part of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Web site. Several hundred thousand visits, more than 20% of all visits to hopkinsmedicine.org, include a visit to these central health information pages.

Story-Telling and Community Building
Stories from across the institution about research, education and patient care are prominently featured. An editorial team meets every other week to develop and highlight content to plan placement on the page. With a rotating banner, mobile-friendly video, and flexible layout for graphics and copy, the page is updated every few days to maintain a mix of current and evergreen content.

Live feeds from Facebook and Twitter – as well as thumbnails of members of the Johns Hopkins Medicine community – represent our continued efforts to interact with people from around the world.

Currently, the site design remains relatively constant regardless of the device. However, the team re-coded the page with future efforts to make it mobile and device-friendly in mind.

The Internet Strategy team is leading efforts to introduce flexible design across hopkinsmedicine.org, an effort that requires strict adherence to guidelines and standards by the hundreds of editors working across the institution as well as extensive investments in technical resources.

Watch for new features and flexible design on the home page and in targeted areas of the site as those efforts continue.

This article is adapted from an announcement that originally appeared on insidehopkinsmedicine.org and was co-authored by Meagan O'Neill, Institutional Project Coordinator.