How Stale is Your Web Site?

The web site is live. I’m done, right?

No?! What do you mean there’s more to do???

So you spent over a year preparing to launch this awesome new web site for your practice that will engage consumers and make everyone who sees your site want to become a patient of yours. The day comes when you get to push the button and go live:

Web site launch. Check. Done. Hooray!

And that was when? Six months? One year? Four years ago? Longer??? You web site has become a little like boxes in your basement or attic, useful once and with things worth saving, but overall, it’s stale.

Many people wrongly assume that launching a web site is the last item on what can seem like a daunting To-Do list of web-related tasks.

The fact is going live is just the beginning. The Internet is not meant to be static. It is a dynamic enterprise, changing constantly at the speed of cyberspace. If you want people to continue to visit your site, you must jump on the bandwagon and keep your site “fresh.”

Take, for example, the web site for the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery (“Neuro”). Neuro gets it. They understand the correlation between increasing patient volumes through a highly visible web site.

So what do I do? How do I help?

My position was created to focus on the web site for the Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery. While my main office is on Bond Street with the rest of the web team, I also have a desk in the Outpatient Center where I spend a dedicated portion of every week.

My role is to personally guide Neuro on the journey to maintaining a knowledgeable, patient-friendly, content-rich web site. With my background in health care web marketing and content development, I am able to assist Neuro in achieving their goals through their web site. Because I also work closely with the web team, I’m able to pace the growth of the Neuro site in sync with the web team’s development of new tools for dynamic and rich media content. And I advise the web team as they plan their development calendar by letting them know what elements are most needed for the Neuro site.

Already, we’ve done a great deal of work on updating content, providing access points to patients and referring physicians, and building a more navigable site architecture. Neuro’s commitment to long-term growth through their web site is proof of their dedication to the patients, referring physicians, researchers and others who visit their site.

What’s next?

Migrating into Site Executive (the official content management system of the Johns Hopkins Medicine domain) and, thereby, joining the Hopkins platform was just the beginning. Coming soon you will notice:

  • New homepage design
  • Site-wide search engine optimization (SEO) updates
  • New section for philanthropy and giving
  • New section for patient information
  • Consolidation and reorganization of Research and Clinical Trials
  • Multimedia upgrade using the new AVIDIA tool = greater “findability” and usability for site visitors
  • Lots of new content

In addition, we just completed a day-long photo shoot of our neurosurgeons to populate our stock library of relevant images. New photos = great way to liven up the site. And that is just the beginning.

So you see, when it comes to the web, there is no such thing as “done.”

Follow along in this blog series to see how Neuro plans to keep it fresh.