My Internship ‘A Great Experience’

A great match for my interests and skills, this two-month internship with web services has been educational and enlightening. I had the pleasure of working alongside the "best of the best," as U.S. News & World Report states.

Under Stephen Gaede's guidance and supervision, I learned about managing content through Site Executive, using new computer programs, and coding, all while performing as a team member. Stephen's leadership throughout the summer assisted me in developing my writing and communication skills, my ability to implement individual projects, and function as a contributor on various team efforts.

Naturally, as a web designer, I enjoyed working within the CMS each day, whether it was creating pages, migrating content, or making improvements to the site. In addition to sharpening my designing and coding skills and maturing professionally, I enjoyed watching and learning from such a great team of people and have gained insight about the challenges of the industry.

One of my more interesting projects involved creating a website report that tracked websites launched, number of pages, and other projects underway this past fiscal year. This was done in an effort to help create a more complete picture which should assist in the Sprint Planning – making the team more efficient and productive.

It was learning to negotiate the 40-hour work week, however, that was the truly enlightening part. Waking up early in the morning was a distant memory from high school.

I quickly came to understand that what I perceived as being a full-time student only amounted to a part-timer's hours in the working world. While I am grateful for the eye-opening experience, I'm happy to remain a college student for at least the next couple of years!

I want to thank the entire staff in the Marketing and Communications Department for being so welcoming and sharing their expertise in the field. They always made me feel like a full-time member of the group.

I had such a positive experience this summer. I'm sad to leave an exciting place like Johns Hopkins with such enthusiastic mentors, but I know that in today's digital world, advice or just keeping in touch is only a text or an email away.

I know that training an intern is a lot of work, and I appreciate the time taken and patience in answering my questions and finding interesting tasks for me to do and learn from. My experience was extremely rewarding. Thanks again for everything!